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Our synergy enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive offer in terms of construction, building and Civil Engineering.

We have a platform of experts who take your projects to completion. Our proven skills contribute to the success of the projects entrusted to us by our clients.


Synergy of our Building and Civil Engineering businesses

Men and women are used to work together. They have got common training courses, whether regulatory or vocational.

Whether it is within the framework of implementation, studies or follow-up, our personnel respects safety rules concerning their job as well as those of the other jobs of the Group so that the works are in harmony.

The CDE Group enjoys a strong reputation for reliability, commitment and experience.

Advantages of the comprehensive Building and Civil Engineering Offer:

The comprehensive management of a Building and Civil Engineeringsite allows to :

  • Reduce the number of stakeholders to one

· Secure your site

· Have a comprehensive cost (materials, transport)

· Benefit from innovative materials and processes that save raw materials (in situ treatment of waste material, soil, etc.) or waste management

· Involve in  a real policy  for waste reduction

  • Reduce delays

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